Christos Mavridis

I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics (RTDb) at “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara.

I completed a PhD in Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

My research interests are focused on Applied Microeconomics and Political Economy.

You can find my CV here.

Email: christos.mavridis [at]


Police Militarization and Local Sheriff Elections (with Orestis Troumpounis and Maurizio Zanardi), forthcoming at the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

Social Capital, Communication Channels and Opinion Formation (with Nikolas Tsakas), Social Choice and Welfare (2021) 56:635-678

Complete Information Pivotal-Voter Model with Asymmetric Group Size and Asymmetric Benefits (with Marco Serena), European Journal of Political Economy (2021) 67:101961

How Influential is Ballot Design in Elections? (with Agustin Casas and Jose Guillermo Diaz), Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (2023) 33:3 398-418

Complete Information Pivotal-voter Model with Asymmetric Group Size (with Marco Serena), Public Choice, (2018) 177:53-66

Polling in a Proportional Representation System (with Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín), Social Choice and Welfare, (2018) 51:297-312


Working Papers

Protests and Police Militarization (with Orestis Troumpounis and Maurizio Zanardi). University of Surrey Discussion Paper 1/2022.

Work in Progress

Nation-building with endogenous national identity

Campaign contributions or corruption? Money in politics with fully informed electorate (with Simon Lodato)

Democrat, Republican or Incumbent? Crime Outcomes and Sheriff Elections (with Orestis Troumpounis and Maurizio Zanardi)

Deciding for Others: Local Public Good Contributions with Intermediaries (with Andrej Angelovski and Praveen Kujal)

Bureaucracy and Political Pandering (with Simon Lodato and Federico Vaccari)